ЕТ “SlaviAuto” deals with upholstering and reupholstering of everything connected with the interior of your car.
With our help you will realize your ideas.

From car dashboard and steering wheel to the ceiling.. everything can be transformed according to your requirements.

We have a wide range of artificial leather, a variety of automotive fabrics, all with proven quality, strength and durability of color.

We offer countless opportunities for reupholstering your salon through a combination of different materials, colors, etc. 

We can do for you and interior of your car perfect mix of elegance and comfort.

Our services include reupholstering of:

- Salons of leather and artificial leather and alcantara
- Steering wheel
- Repair of sagging ceilings
- Corey doors
- Speakers
- Boards
- Repair popped Air bag
- Partial repairs of seats and other details
- Seats motors
- Sewing sleeves and balls of selector lever